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Live At Marriott Center, Provo, UT.  “Lose My Blues”
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Live At Marriott Center, Provo, UT. “Lose My Blues”

Uploaded on Aug 22


  • Recording with Victor Blackmon and Charles Mcampbell

    I LOVE the creative boost that comes from recording for other artists. Watch some highlights from this session here:  http://youtu.be/LQNx0Wjj04w  

  • Pop Trends, Summer 2014

    Warning: I am a music nerd !! Here are my observations on recent pop trends- some of these have been going on for years, but all of them are happening right now, (Click on image to see the list>>) •Pop

  • The Ubiquitous Songwriter’s Notebook

    “Keep a notebook”, my old songwriting teacher, Ron Simpson used to say. Just finished going through four years of ideas for the new record…

  • Man with a plan

    I am a man with a “next album” plan. Recording a new record is like cliff diving, only slightly more planned out… but just as scary. Here’s the plan as of today: Album Plan (Click image to see more>>) Songwriting-

  • Recording with Lauren Alexander

    This girls voice is crazy good.  Honored to be contributing electric guitars and atmospheric country soundscapes to Lauren Alexander’s latest release- plenty of lonesome minor keys and texas soul. We’re halfway done, finishing up in December.

  • 12,000 people?!

    What’s it like playing in front of 12,000 people? Surprisingly, the exact same as in front of 12 people, but…I felt literal waves of positive energy flowing down from the stadium seats like I’d never felt before.  If there is

  • Recording with Heather Little at Rosewood Studios

    Ever heard that Miranda Lambert hit, “Me and Charlie Talking?” That hit for Miranda was penned by none other than Texas’ own Heather Little- who happens not only to be an emotional and fresh writer, but an undeniably great singer

  • Special Solo Performance at Booker T. Washington

    Where did Norah Jones go to High School? That’s right, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts.  How did you know that?  I am absolutely thrilled to be giving a special performance and masterclass for all of the

  • Recording at TM Studios

    I LOVE playing studio sessions. Vince Gill always said that he wanted to be good enough to not only be an artist in his own right, but also good enough so that others would want to have him on their

  • Warner Music Group and Justin Cash

    Warner/Chappel ( you know, those people that own the rights to “Happy Birthday”) has asked me to record a blues album for their catalog.  The band travelled to Paluxy this weekend, and my head was filled with new ideas for