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Pop Trends, Summer 2014

Warning: I am a music nerd !! Here are my observations on recent pop trends- some of these have been going on for years, but all of them are happening right now, (Click on image to see the list>>)

•Pop is the brainchild of EDM and Dubstep
•No drums on the chorus
•Repeated nonsense syllables
•Minor keys
•Weird, unique sounds-esp. during the intro
•Massive verby vocals
•Sample drums/synth bass
•Choruses with uberstacked melodies
•Every new section a new melody hook
•A lot left unsaid lyrically
•Simple choruses, sometimes just the title.
•IV is the new V
•vi is the new I

•Pre-Chorus picks up in faster vocal delivery, more words and notes, then releases into simpler chorus.
•Vocal or synth sing along riff after chorus
•Repeated sections vastly different from the previous, production wise, most notably verses and bridges.
•Chorus vocals doubled by synth
•Instrumental stacked synth theme gets a new voice each time
•Ear-catching intro candy- sometimes weird sounds.
•Bkd vox cut up
•Vocoded or heavily FX’s out bkd vox.
•Hook/contrasting section with new hook/hook/contrasting section with new hook…etc. etc.
•Little breaks for vox only for just one word/phrase
•Rhythmic vocal melodies- short repeated rhythmic phrases.

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Jun 11
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