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Man with a plan

I am a man with a “next album” plan. Recording a new record is like cliff diving, only slightly more planned out… but just as scary.

Here’s the plan as of today:

Album Plan

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Songwriting- most important step!
Free brainstorming stage, “no” free zone, no editing or inner critic here.
Write songs
Arrange covers with guitar/vocal or piano/vocal
Record gtr/vocal demos of all 12 songs, get critiques, search for weak points and strengthen
Zane Williams, Heather Little, Jason Deere, Song evaluation, “Read till you hit a bad line”.

Re-writing – at least 3-5 rewrites for every song that goes on the album. Do this last, this is the editing side, not the brainstorming side “Brutal and resolute rewriting” Is every line the absolute best it can be? ( Jason Blume)

Plan, Schedule, Budget
Budget, book studio time, hire musicians, hire engineer, hire mixing engineer, editor.
Concept for album, guiding principles or practices, themes

Preproduction – second most important step!
Preproduction research- inspiring tracks, what is current, how did they do it?
Record home demos- arrangement, orchestration, tempo, intro, ending, breakdowns, breaks, stops, builds, solos, parts.
Dedicated hard drive with enough space for project
Arrange covers
Scott Reinwand- Prepro evaluation
Make Improvements
Burn studio play-along Mp3’s
Full demo Mp3’s to band
Create preproduction charts and rhythm charts
Rehearse individual parts and vocals, rehearse band
Make improvements
Rhythm tracks- bass, drums, keyboard/piano/organ and scratch guitar
Instrument overdubs- add’l guitars, solos, parts, effects, horns and other instruments
Instrument Editing
Lead vocals
Harmony and background vocals
Vocal Editing

Post Production
Artwork, graphic design and layout- ideas

CD release event
Social media
Print media

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Apr 1
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