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Top ten artists who shaped our year…

There is a great radio personality in Mississippi named Cyrus Webb, who hosts a cool show interviewing artists. What, to my surprise, when he named little old me as “One of the top ten artists who shaped our year”!  I was honored to have made the list, by the skin of my teeth at number ten! ( Pause for mild laughter…) Here is what Cyrus wrote in Conversations Magazine:

Number 10: JUSTIN CASH. Just because he is last on my list makes Justin Cash no more relevant or inspiring as the others that I’ve profiled. He has the ability to make you feel. What a gift! I was introduced to Justin by our Assistant Music Editor Stanley Clark, and I was won over right away. After inviting him on the radio show to discuss his journey, I knew this was someone that was going to affect the way people feel just by being himself. And then there is the title track from his album BEAUTIFUL WORLD that just really sealed the deal. If you want someone who is authentic and really rocks, Justin Cash is your guy.

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Jul 14
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