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12,000 people?!

What’s it like playing in front of 12,000 people? Surprisingly, the exact same as in front of 12 people, but…I felt literal waves of positive energy flowing down from the stadium seats like I’d never felt before.  If there is no audience, there is no music.  The audience contributes at least half of the performance, they buoy the performer up, resonate with him or her, and experience the joy and the sadness that music can convey..together. Without an audience, there is no such thing as performance, only a rehearsal!

I can’t thank all of the wonderful ladies at the BYU Women’s conference enough for throwing out enough positive vibes to light a small town with electricity that night. They made me feel like I could fly. Best audience I’ve ever performed for in my entire life, hands down. Thank you.

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May 21
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