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Recording with Calee Reed

Calee is not only a soulful and emotional singer, she writes moving songs and lives what she sings about. Got the chance to record guitars, backing vocals, and co-write a song for her new record. She knocked this one into the

  • Recording with Texas Rebellion

    A little Keith Urban, a little Dierks Bentley, some open minded sonic experimentation with some crazy electric soundscapes..meet the new Texas Rebellion record. I got the chance to record some lead, rhythm, and texture electric guitars on this record.

  • Recording with Victor Blackmon and Charles Mcampbell

    I LOVE the creative boost that comes from recording for other artists. Watch some highlights from this session here:  http://youtu.be/LQNx0Wjj04w  

  • Pop Trends, Summer 2014

    Warning: I am a music nerd !! Here are my observations on recent pop trends- some of these have been going on for years, but all of them are happening right now, (Click on image to see the list>>) •Pop

  • The Ubiquitous Songwriter’s Notebook

    “Keep a notebook”, my old songwriting teacher, Ron Simpson used to say. Just finished going through four years of ideas for the new record…